Choosing the Right Point of Sale System: A Retailer’s POS Checklist

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Many of us had experienced long lines due to several issues with payment system. Approval takes some time, card not ready and many other reasons. Worst comes to worst if one actually leaves the store. Boom! Bad experience coming right up and this is a big NO NO for any business.

Having the right system is crucial for any business. This can make or break them. With this into mind, we come up with a checklist on how to have the right Point of Sale (POS) system for retail business.


Identify the needs and wants applicable.

There are lots of systems out there to choose from, we have to be picky to save ourselves from headache. Knowing the important areas to focus is the key to get the right POS system. A POS system must focus to;

  • Customer – Heart of the business and having said that we need to know them to give value. POS system can track what they often buy and we can provide suggestions based on their data. Talk about buying power and marketing strategies, POS system should cover this.
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  • Inventory – Every retailer has products to sell and counting is necessary. POS system that tracks each stock on hand is handy for monitoring purpose. We don’t want to miss a thing.
  • Exchange and Return – Due to unavoidable reasons, each retailer encounters this scenario. POS system should be able to identify and cover this with ease. It should be a piece of cake.
  • Hardware – Daily process of the business depends on this. POS system has a software and the hardware needs to be compatible with it. Software and hardware system works hand in hand like how relationship does. Retailer should always think ahead and has to be aware of the latest trends. Nowadays, Hybrid system (physical data and cloud storage) is working. EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) applies for card payments, which is a chip card based security feature. A retailer should consider this option and any changes that may come in the future.


Uncompromising Capabilities and Functionalities

It is crucial that the products that retailers have are unique and specific needs apply to it. There are things that we cannot compromise and we list some of it to arrive to the best that will work for the business.

  • Ease of Use

POS system should always be simple. Since we will cater to people’s needs or wants, we don’t want delays or calling support from time to time.

  • Works well with other Business areas

Order tracking should integrate with the POS system. Automated POS system is useful since it promotes time efficiency. Saving time will mean taking care of the customers which is the heart of the business.

  • Pricing

Pricing should be straightforward and clear. We don’t want customers going back and forth due to a lousy payment system.

  • Ease of Access

Getting a POS system that works anytime, anywhere. We never know where our business can lead us so it is better that we have the flexibility and freedom to use it.

  • Data and Analytics

System should generate reports that applies to the business. Data is important since metrics shows here. We know where to improve and what to focus on. Sell your products  click here

  • POS Provider Support

Retail Business usually works on weekends and a good support provider is necessary. They should be available for help anytime, anywhere.

People consider this as a one stop shop so providing the best service should always be in our mind. People take care of the business so we should know how to take care of them. Life of the business depends on the customers who believes in our products or even services that we do.

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